My younger sister just got back from a trip to Peru which made me want to revisit the photos I took from when I went in 2009. While going through them I came across these panoramas that I took at Colca Canyon and Machu Picchu. These images were all made by stitching together several photos taken in portrait orientation. My friend says I came up with this method but I think it was just easier for me to keep a flat horizon while shooting in portrait mode. Either way, I am still quite proud of these images.

Badass boi + Austin, TX

My dog is Alan is renown for being a very good boy but I happened to snap these pretty badass looking portraits of him a while back! So dashing!

Floatin' in New Braunfels + 06.23.2018

Summers here! Here are some old photos I’ve been meaning to share from last summer when I went floating for the first time! What a great time! How I managed to keep my camera dry, I am not sure…

Memory Keepers at Beerland + Austin, TX + 04.22.18

My friends Amarah and Jared are taking their sound in a new direction with a band called Memory Keepers and it is really doing it for me! I’m so glad Jared asked me to come take photos for their first show!

Loverboy Comedy at Coldetowne Theater + Austin, TX + 04.09.2019

Loverboy is an all female impov comedy troupe of Austin and they do this show where a monologist is invited to come up and share a relationship story, and then Loverboy does an improv set based on what their guest shares! It’s brilliant, and funny, and often touching, and here are some photos are took of them once!

The Solar Eclipse + Austin, TX + 08.21.2107

My coworker set up a powerful filtered telescope on the roof of my office for some glorious Eclipse viewing today! Sometimes, only having your iPhone camera can yield some unique and unpredictable imagery. 

Mom, 27 & 62

I'd like to show my support on International Women's Day by celebrating Suhasini John, my Mom. On the left is a photo of her when she was 27. On the right is a recreation of the photo by me, taken this past January, at age 62. This past holiday season, she found out that she has breast cancer and immediately began treatment to fight it from spreading. She asked me to take this photo before starting chemotherapy. My mom is and always has been the most beautiful and powerful woman on earth. Two months into intense treatment and she continues to be just as stunning and strong! During this difficult, and uncertain battle, she is the one showing us how to make it through with strength and grace. Love you Mumma! Ummas!