Happy 4th Birthday AMX! + Austin, TX + 09.14.2016

Four years ago I started taking pictures at first ever Austin Mic Exchange. AMX provided aspiring rappers with a free stage to perform, and I was able to give them free photos to promote themselves. Over the years these guys have created a tight-knit community that supports, nurtures, and celebrates all things hip-hop in Austin. The other night I went to AMX's 4th Birthday, partied with some old friends, and grabbed a few shots of some OGs. It was so great to see everyone! HB AMX! 

"Lighten Up" by Joe Swec at Preacher Gallery + 06.16.16 + Austin, TX

Went on down to Preacher Gallery last night and checked out Joe Swec's "Lighten Up", featuring 100 meticulously hand-painted and lettered matchbooks. I really like his style, the lettering is outstanding, and it all just has a great attitude. Oh and all of the boxes had matches that matched. Whoa. 

Happy Adoptiversary / Birthday to Alan! + Austin, TX + 05.04.2016

May the 4th is, of course, Star Wars Day. But it also happens to be the day I officially adopted my best friend in the whole-wide-world, Alan. Yesterday marked three years of age and two years together! To celebrate, I took the day off and we spent it in his favorite place...outside. Enjoy these pics from our adventure, and sorry about the last one but have you ever seen something so obscenely elegant? #whenyouseeit

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show + Austin, TX + 04.09.2016

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is one of my favorite annual events. I've managed to forget my camera every previous year but not this time! The bikes here are all incredible and there were so many to lust over; I hope these pics give you sampling of the glory. And unfortunately the line was too long for the Wall of Death but there was a dirt race track which was dope!